Challenge: getting a low quality printer to stand out from the rest. This was much easier than i anticipated, and the printer was up and running within a few days. Adding to the horizontal width of the prints-pace requires a lot of triangular calculations between dimensions – but the height is a single number in the Firmware telling how far up the printer can go. Upgrading the height requires (almost) no firmware changes or calculations.



The heatbed:

The bed mount and adjustment system was a horrible design. The aluminium heatplate was literrally mounted into the 2020 bars with the same bolt that you are supposed to use for bed leveling. This meant that if you needed to loosen (raise) the bed, it would become unstable and wobble.
So I designed a mount which you can mount on the 2020 bars, with a seperate hole for a bolt only for leveling. It has a 10mm wall to keep the bed in place – the wall is straight on one side and has a curve fitting the geometry of the bed on the other. The hole for the bolt mounted in the 2020 bar is long for better adjustment of the bed. Made for 220 mm heatbed. New 2mm bolts and nuts reqiured.
Find the files here on Thingiverse