Category: Manufacturing

Lampshade of recycled plastic

I developed this lamp for my injection molding machine. It consists of hexagon and pentagons ‘knitted’ into a truncated icosahedron.

Making a plastic shredder

I’m currently trying to turn an old paper-shredder into a plastic-shredder to complete my mini recycling facility. I dissected the Fellowes90, removed safety-features, LEDS and kept only the…

Diamonds from recycled plastic

Diamond-shaped trinkets made from recycled plastic. This was another attempt to create a symbolic trinket from my own plastic waste. Made mainly of bottle caps.

Christmas Ornaments for BrorDavid

A joint venture with fellow classmate Bror Lynge. The goal was to¬†launch any product that we could produce and sell ourselves during the shopping-craze in december. We worked…