The Man

Who am i?
My name is David, friends call me Dave.
I am a Maker. I am currently studying production technology at the Copenhagen School of design and Technology, graduating June 2017.
I work on many different projects.

What is a Maker?
A maker is someone who makes things. In a sense, we human beings are all makers with different tools, but by not settling for a specific tool, like a carpenter, Makers are more open to different, new and uncharted methods and tools in the making of design and production.

So you can make anything?

You have all the tools in the world?
No. I have a 3D printer, injection mold, wood-workshop and electronics.

Will you make anything?
No, i will not make unsustainable or careless designs. We as designers have a responsibility, as the first part of the total design chain, to take the first step in the right direction.
However, i would love to help you make anything sustainable.

Can you help me make something?
YES! I love new projects. Get in touch with me here.

//Most people are good.
//Bad people makes bad products.
//Good people will buy good products.